King's Forge: Glassworks (Deluxe)

King's Forge: Glassworks (Deluxe)

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King's Forge: Glassworks adds glass as a new material with which to work in King's Forge. The expansion includes the new Glass material dice, new items that require glass to craft, and new places to gather glass for your workshop. 

This version includes the Glassworks Plus Pack, which is only available on this site or by visiting Game Salute at major conventions. The Plus Pack includes 6 new Apprentice cards, 18 Queen's Jubilee cards, and 2 Gather cards with all-new mechanics: The Dungeon that lets you imprison your competitors, and the Farm that introduces two new dice into the game. To top it all off, fill your games with cheer by crafting the special foil Christmas Ornament card!

These is an expansion for King's Forge and not a stand-alone game. A copy of King's Forge is required to play.

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