Lawless Empire (Deutsch)
Lawless Empire (Deutsch)

Lawless Empire (Deutsch)

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A game of...

DeceitPlayer vs player; there are no real friends in Lawless.
Tactics. It's not about Luck; you have the power to manipulate the dice... so does your opponent.
Negotiation. Give and take; form alliances, betray, put on a facade, whatever it takes.

In Lawless Empire, you play as one of 12 Unique Mafioso. Win Mafia Points (Victory Points) to edge out your opponents. Use your Resource Dice to take control of 4 Different Plan Types. Each plan type netting you different advantages: Player Disruption, Dice Manipulation, and Unseen Manipulation.

It is not as easy as the most dice value wins. Schemes change up the winning conditions. Soldatos bestow the power to manipulate dice. Negotiation is crucial. Forming allies and making enemies shake up the outcome. Use other players to shift the situation in your favor.

Passive play is not an option. Balance the board. Actively deny other players while accumulating MP discreetly. Hide your identity. Foresight is required to secure victory. Do you have what it takes to outwit your opponents and be the Mafioso that rises to the top?