Nemo's War: 2nd Edition

Nemo's War: 2nd Edition

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Set in the year 1870 of Jules Verne’s classic novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas, you assume the role and motive of Captain Nemo and set sail in his amazing electric-powered submarine, the Nautilus.  

Nemo’s War is a single-player board game of underwater exploration and combat. You will search the oceans, combat vessels of all nations, brave the hazards of the seas, find mysterious treasures, behold and chronicle amazing wonders, and travel around the world in your quest for knowledge and vengeance.  

This second edition of Victory Point Games' popular solitaire game from designer Chris Taylor is a greatly enhanced offering, featuring mass-production printing and amazing Ian O'Toole art and graphics throughout.

  • Decision-rich, narrative-enhanced solitaire gameplay 
  • Four Nemo “Motive” objectives, three levels of difficulty, plus other gameplay options
  • Channel your “inner-Nemo” in an immersive strategy role-playing experience 
  • Great references and quotations from 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas by Jules Verne throughout
Nemo's War Base Game Components:
  • 1 Game box 
  • 1 Rulebook (available for download here
  • 1 Epilogues booklet
  • 1 17” x 33” game board 
  • 62 Adventure cards 
  • 6 Character Resource tiles, 2 Motive tiles, and 1 Captain tile 
  • 220 tokens and markers (ships, gemstones, etc.) 
  • 12 Uprising cubes (10 black wood, 2 silver) 
  • 5 dice (3 white and 2 black) 
  • 1 Nautilus miniature  
  • 9 co-op game Officer cards