Storm Hollow: Limited Edition Treasury Collection

Storm Hollow: Limited Edition Treasury Collection

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Storm Hollow: A Storyboard Game is a cooperative storytelling adventure game for 2-7 players that can be played in about an hour. Players assume the roles of heroes called to the magical land of Storm Hollow to aid in a time of need. Each adventure provides a stand-alone game scenario with a specific story-driven goal for the players to try to accomplish, and multiple adventures can be strung together in campaign mode to experience fully interactive epic stories. Players work together to fight monsters, overcome obstacles, rescue characters, find lost treasures, and drive back the darkness using a simple skill-based system and unique heroic powers. Goals and progress are tracked using the game board and cards, and each scenario provides a different set of options and path to victory.

In Storm Hollow, one player takes on the role of the Storyteller and runs the adventure, while the other players work together to achieve the scenario goals. Each scenario is made up of three connected scenes in which the players gain information about the problem, solve story challenges, and try to defeat a final action-based encounter. Success or failure in each scene provides benefits or penalties for the next scene, creating a narrative arc that unfolds differently each time depending on the choices the players make. A Storyboard Game rewards collaboration, teamwork, and creative problem solving by presenting players with multiple ways to approach each challenge and allowing for innovative and fun solutions to be effective at accomplishing goals. In campaign mode each adventure, whether won or lost, affects how the next part of the story will unfold and what resources will be available to players in future adventures.

The game comes with one book of 10 linked adventures that can be used as individual game scenarios or played chapter by chapter in campaign mode to reveal a grand overall plot. Storm Hollow also includes extensive Storyteller tools and materials to create and play your own scenarios and campaigns, including a fully fleshed out world full of unique creatures, locations, and lore.

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