The Dutch East Indies: Deluxe Edition

The Dutch East Indies: Deluxe Edition

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Keep Exploring Games goes back to the 18th century, to release The Dutch East Indies to the world!

In The Dutch East Indies, you are a captain and you have two ships, and a clear mission. Collect desired spices, and do so before any other country can!
Now, you could just use the trading goods from your own country and try to trade the spices with locals. Or maybe you find it more satisfactory to simply fire away at your competitors and try to steal the spices they collected!

Upgrade your ships to get faster, stronger, or be able to carry more goods at a time. And beware of pirates, who do not care about spices but do care about sending your ships to the bottom of the sea!


  • Rules in EN,DE,NL,ES,IT& FR
  • 1 game board
  • 4 player boards
  • 10 ships (plastic)
  • 30 trading card
  • 12 solo cards
  • 15/18 islands
  • 60 trading goods (plastic)
  • 30 coins (metal
  • 40 spices (wood)
  • 24 markers
  • 1 D8
  • 2 D6